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I need some freaking tea

Argh I cannot seem to start an entry. I try and try and then get all caught up in the letters and I just stop. That probably means I shouldn't be writing.

I have new clothes that rawk. I was so utterly fabulious on Sunday, as was my partner in crime. He bought us each blue American league champions shirts, red American league champions shirts, a gray sweatshirt for me, a long-sleeved tee for himself, and then each of us got official Patriots jerseys - I got Dillon and Professor K got himself a Bruschi. I made endless "here's a brewskie for Bruschi" comments all day on Sunday. Comedy gold I tell you.

We watched the day-o-kicking-ass at my parents house. Free beer, free ribs, and a toasty fire were all the encouragement that I needed. When we showed up we both had on our Pats jerseys. We gleefully watched the Patriots hand the Jets their ass and then did a seductive striptease to reveal our red ALCS shirts underneath. I know, too cool for school.

My parents got a kick out of it anyway. And it must have worked cause we're up 2 to 0. And I'm just going to get ready to be sleep deprived again after a good night's sleep last night. Definitely feeling some anxiety about tonight and the rest of the week. But what a week!

Have you tried these Butterfinger crisps? If not, please do.

One more week until I have my opportunity to enthusiastically vote against evil George. I am looking forward to it. I will always regret absentee voting in Massachusetts four years ago. I had the opportunity to vote as a Louisiana resident since I had an address down there but I elected to toss my liberal vote to an already liberal state. I know my one vote wouldn't have turned the tide in the state of Louisiana but it would have made me sleep better at night knowing that I had done my part.

Recently I've been told "Who cares? Your vote won't count in Masschusetts, Kerry will take the state automatically." Okay, fair enough. But I feel this overwhelming need to vote NO for Bush. I want my name on a voting roster with "Kerry" checked next to it. I never want someone to look back at my voting history and not be clear that I never supported Bush. I am against him and his administration and just about everything it stands for. So whether or not I'm voting democrat in a liberal state, that's just irrelevent. This is something that I have to do for myself.

My car, my lovely little car, is fucked up again. Imagine that! It's the brakes this time and boy do they sound dangerous. It's now *rumble*rumble*rumble*SQUEEEEAAAALLLL* so that I feel like I'm riding around in a deathtrap. Oh the joys of having a car that insists upon bleeding me dry, giving me two weeks of peace, and then bleeding me a little more.

A little birdie just told me that tonight's game might be rained out. Let's pray that is not the case...

2:16 p.m. - 2004-10-26


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