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Thursday but really Friday


The lady that sits on the opposite side of my half-assed cubicle wall has serious Flock of Seagulls hair going on. It's hilarious.

She came in huffing and puffing this morning - the woman never does any other form of breathing - talking about how sick she was this morning, how she almost didn't make it in to work.

Incidentally this woman takes sick days like once a week so it's hard for me to believe her when she talks about her multiple ailments.

When she walked in her short mini-mullet was all wet and the sides were curlicued up into little lumpy balls. I almost said something - like "oh! your hair seems a little messed up" until it occurred to me that the lumpy balls looked awfully uniform. I think she may have done it to herself on purpose. Silly lady.

And now, four hours later, the hair is still that way. I can barely look at her, it's too much for me today. She has eyes like Trishelle's on the Real World Las Vegas - vacant, blue, as innocent as a two year old. Combine that with her questionable physique and new punk rock 80's hair and it's just HI-larious.


We signed our lease last night. Woohoo! New apartment is officially ours now! I keep sort of waiting for the bad thing to happen because everything is going so well. We found the place the day after we started looking, we loved it, we can afford it, we love the landlord, the location is ideal, our parents are behind us 100%....um, hello? When does everything work out so well? Is one of us going to get hit by a bus in a few weeks? Let's hope not. Professor K and I have decided that "someone" wants us to be together.

Wait, when I was dating the ex I felt like someone was telling me to end it because every single time we got together something terrible would happen - I almost got fired, I had some legal trouble, I crashed my car, I got the deadly flu, there was a blizzard that stranded me in DC for a long ass time... So if things work that way then the fact that things are going so well and so easily must be a sign that we're meant to be. Oh yeah baby. Nothing like planning your future around "signs". Hee.


I'm giddy - today is finally FINALLY Thursday. My last day at work until Tuesday. And I don't have a ton of stupid things to do while I'm on vacation. Just a few basic non-annoying things and lots and lots of free time.

Fun in the sun, time at the Cape with my lovely family, fireworks, holding hands, Bailey bouncing around and then hiding under the bed once the show starts. I LOVE the fouth of July. Nothing beats it.

I need to catch up on my sleep. This morning Hunter was jailed for being a bad bad kitty. I've been exhausted lately, dragging ass and generally more irritable than usual. I knew I wasn't getting enough sleep but thought we were just going to bed too late. Typically we're in bed by 11 but then inevitably we start having sex and don't actually fall asleep until after 12.

I was blaming my sleeping problem on that until I realized that every single morning for a few weeks now I've been woken up by the kitten around 4am. He nuzzles into my neck, purring loudly, and starts licking and biting me while simulataneosly kneeding my skin with his paws - claws OUT. It is so fucking painful and the worst way to wake up.

He's so cute when he does it that you just want to eat him up, but seriously he claws through the first few layers of skin doing this. And he will not stop - pull him off and move him and he comes right back for more. Roll over and he does it to your back. For a LONG time. And then once I've tossed and turned, pushed him off the bed and yelled "NO" a million times...that's when Bailey gets up and goes to the door to be let out. Because she's been disturbed too and what's the first thing you do when you wake up? Pee.

I'm finding myself all too frequently standing out on my deck at 4:30am waiting for her to pee. Groggy and pissed off. It's definitely not her fault - she wants to be asleep too. This morning it occurred to us all that the reason we've all been so irritable and sleepy lately - Bailey included - is because none of us is getting regular undisturbed sleep.

We stuck the cat in the bathroom around 4:30 and I slept blissfully until the alarm went off at 7. So did Bailey, so did Professor K. Ahhh... so nice.

I felt a twinge of guilt about Hunter being alone, but he is just not a good sleeper and the rest of us are. The Professor and I discussed it this morning and decided that Hunter can sleep with us on weekend nights, but weekdays he's on his own. We'll set him up in the living room so he can play and not disturb us. It's a good solution I think, and will prevent us from going batty with exhaustion. And poor Bailey can get back to her usual dead-dog-under-the-covers routine.

I love that about her - she is a good sleeper and a cuddler. In the morning she'll crawl up the bed from under the covers until her head emerges. She'll burrow her head into either my side or Professor K's, snorting and snuffling and wiggling. It's just unbelievably cute and irresistable. Anyone who can watch that and not snuggle her and call her the cutiest has no soul.

So...yeah...more lovey talk about the pets. I can't help myself, they're too cute for words. Hunter is getting bigger and bigger, as growing cats will do, and he is so handsome. His eyes are adorable and light blue and occasionally go crossed - "cockeyed" as my Irish friend Gerard calls it.

Sometimes he'll let you hold him like a baby and rub his belly until he realizes he's a big boy and that he shouldn't be letting Mommy and Daddy snuggle him. I love to kiss his tiny head and he seems to love it too. He'll bat at your face with his furry paws while you kiss him and tell him what a good kitty he is, but he kindly leaves his claws in. I love him so much, he's so much fun. Except between the hours of 4 and 7am, of course.

His coloring is great - all light gray/off white body, with dark paws, tail and ears, and his face is getting darker and darker. I love that people think he's pure-blooded Siamese and that we paid a ton for him. Nope, just an exceptionally handsome mutt kitty. Just like his sister, actually.

Alrighty...is it 5 yet? No? Well, lets see...what else can I do...any ideas?

12:31 p.m. - 2004-07-01


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